When we designed the Powerbreaker range we knew we were on to something different…

The Bulldog design team were tasked with developing a range of products that would conform to BS8020 to ensure safe working for any workforce. Manufactured and assembled at our facility in Wigan, England this extensive range of insulated tools comply rigorously to British Standards. Our in house inspection department batch tests every single insulated product that is sold under the Bulldog brand.

When the tool is passed it is marked with a unique identification number which corresponds directly to its own certificate of conformity that can be downloaded via our web site: www.rollins.co.uk/certificates.

The high quality component parts used ensure that every tool is durable and tough. The one piece heavy duty fibreglass handle has double polymer layers bonded over the solid fibreglass core for massive strength. A separate orange wear collar is secured in place at the tool head while a white wear indicator mounted underneath warns the user when the collar is starting to wear thin.

As though the construction of the tool is not good enough already we also test random tools to destruction! Our test laboratory simulates the typical weather conditions that our Bulldog customers find themselves working in from freezing conditions of –20 through to the extremes of a hot summers day.

Water immersion tests for 24 hours, plus wet electrical testing simulates working in driving rain, while an abrasive test ensures that the insulated collar does not split to expose any part of the metal shaft when working in the vicinity of railway track rails or concrete.

A rigorous bend test replicates the stresses and strains of everyday ground working. In addition to all these rigours we also expose our tools to a flame test as well as a further dry electrical test!

We want our tools to be the best on the market & to give you the confidence to know you are buying the best insulated tools that you can buy.

When you buy a Bulldog Powerbreaker tool you can be sure that we are proud to put our name on it.

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